One of the biggest challenges faced by parents today is how to discipline their kids so that they develop a sense of responsibility. Children who are not disciplined often create chaos with their unjustified demands. Their demands when met, lead them to adopt a pattern of more trouble and quirkiness. It is a harrowing experience for anyone who is dealing with an undisciplined child. Moreover, it is a daunting work to discipline a child once indiscipline settles in. Such children are very detrimental towards their well-being. This can cause an acquisitive and insufferable behaviour which has a negative effect on the personality of a child. Thus, it is of foremost importance that you discipline your children. Discipline your child early Discipline cannot be learnt in a day. It is a trait which needs to be inculcated from early childhood. A child without a disciplined time schedule whiles away time on useless activities rather than performing something constructive. This can only be put into check if you have a disciplined child. Create a light schedule for everything for your child and motivate them to follow the routine. This will put them in habit of working with attention on the clock. Do not be overly strict but yes, express your displeasure when your child does not abide by the time table. Keep small incentives handy as prizes. These will act as motivators to help your child follow his routine. Make sure the time table is not too boring. It must include all different activities round the clock. Make sure that the child studies and then plays his favourite game. Do not stop your child from growing; stop him from shunning away the necessary parts of growing up. Do not shout and yell. A lot of parents resort to shouting and yelling as measure to ask their child to respond to them. However, this is not a solution. It puts the habit of sulking and defiance in the child's behaviour. Make him understand the importance of discipline by positivity rather than force or pressure. Set examples for your children. The kids learn a lot from practical examples. It will be no use teaching your kids to get up early in the morning, if you yourself are a late riser. They will learn what you present in front of them remember, you are your kid's best role model. Live up to it. Do not be overly strict. Remember, kids seldom understand the importance of doing the right actions in their life. You need to be patient and supportive of what you kid is doing. He may or may not be able to follow the whole schedule at a time. Be supportive and enthusiastic of what he does. Motivate him. If he fails to follow the whole time table in a day, buck him up for the part he followed. Encourage him up to work his way through the whole schedule. Your kids are what you make them to be. Try to understand the psychology of a child. This will help you in disciplining them better.